Sep 142016
Labour Demand Government Support For Stepping Hill After Cuts Revealed

Labour has demanded that the Government do more to support Stepping Hill Hospital after details of a plan for cuts to address a £40 million deficit in the budget of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust were revealed. A Labour motion to the meeting of Stockport Council on Thursday 15th September asks Councillors to work with the NHS to provide the best possible care for patients, integrate [… read more …]

Sep 122016
Labour Urge Government Rethink On Irresponsible School Fire Safety Reforms

Stockport Labour is urging a Government rethink after the Department for Education changed building regulations guidance removing a requirement for the installation of Fire Suppression Systems to be fitted in new Schools. Reddish South Councillor Walter Brett said ‘Parents, experts in fire safety and prevention, insurers, and the cross-party Local Government Association have all reacted with serious concern and a certain amount of confusion following [… read more …]

Sep 082016
Labour Drive To Improve Road Safety Around Schools

Labour is launching a review of road safety around Stockport’s schools which will look at improved enforcement of parking restrictions and making pavements safer for local children. There were six recorded incidents in Stockport over the last three years involving children hurt by traffic on a school journey. Executive Councillor for Education Dean Fitzpatrick said ‘Road safety will particularly be at the forefront of the [… read more …]

Sep 012016
Labour Marks 100 Days In Power At The Town Hall

Labour has marked 100 days of running Stockport Council, a period which has already seen the rapid delivery of a number of manifesto commitments and a series of progressive and innovative changes at the Town Hall. Labour Leader of Stockport Council Alex Ganotis said ‘The first 100 days has seen the dynamic new Executive really hit the ground running, working to deliver the change which [… read more …]

Aug 302016
Labour Focus On Improving Mental Health Support In Stockport

Labour is focusing on improving mental health support in Stockport as a key part of raising levels of health and wellbeing across the borough. A workshop being run on Wednesday 31st August will see mental health professionals from the Council, NHS and other local partners pool their expertise to address a gap in mental health provision affecting elderly residents who are isolated and struggle to [… read more …]

Aug 232016
Congratulations To Kate Richardson-Walsh And Team GB At Rio Olympics

Stockport is celebrating the triumphant return of Team GB from the Olympics in Rio today after British athletes won an incredible 67 medals at the games, becoming the first team to eclipse their performance at a home games following a medal haul of 65 at London 2012. Labour Leader of Stockport Council Alex Ganotis said ‘I would like to congratulate the inspirational Kate Richardson-Walsh, who [… read more …]

Aug 122016
Labour Summon NHS Boss Over Stepping Hill Cuts Plan

Labour has summoned the Chief Executive of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to answer questions in public at the meeting of the Council Executive on Tuesday 16th August. The move comes after details of a Foundation Trust ‘Financial Improvement Plan’, which detailed millions of pounds of cuts to local services, was exposed. The plan proposes the moth-balling of a 22-bed surgical ward and voluntary redundancy for [… read more …]

Aug 092016
Council Leader Welcomes Andy Burnham As Labour GM Mayoral Candidate

Andy Burnham has been announced as the Labour candidate to be Greater Manchester’s first directly elected Mayor at the election taking place on Thursday 4th May 2017. Labour Leader of Stockport Council Alex Ganotis said ‘I’d like to warmly congratulate Andy on being selected by thousands of Labour members to be our party’s candidate for GM Mayor at the election in May next year. ‘I [… read more …]

Aug 082016
Labour Cut Spending On Council Newspaper To Safeguard Frontline

Stockport’s new Labour administration has cut the number of issues of free Council newspaper The Stockport Review from 4 to 1 each year, a move which will save local Council Taxpayers an annual total of £53,000. Executive Councillor for Reform and Governance David Sedgwick said ‘This tough decision reflects the reality that the Council faces stark choices in order to mitigate the impact of continued [… read more …]

Aug 022016
New Wellbeing Centre Opens To Support Local Voluntary Sector

Disability Stockport officially opened the new Wellbeing Centre in partnership with Stockport’s Labour Council on Tuesday 2nd August, with Deputy Leader and Executive Councillor for Adult Social Care Wendy Wild in attendance. The new hub, located at 23 High Street in Stockport Town Centre, will be a shared meeting place for groups supporting local disabled people and other residents in need of care or assistance [… read more …]

Aug 012016
Labour Call For Lib Dem Resignation Over Leaked Stepping Hill Cuts Plan

Labour has called for Lib Dem Councillor Laura Booth to resign as Chair of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee after Granada Reports confirmed that she leaked confidential details of an NHS Foundation Trust ‘Financial Improvement Plan’ last Thursday. The leak, before all hospital staff had been informed of the plan, exposed millions of pounds of cuts at Stepping Hill and meant hard-working medical [… read more …]

Aug 012016
Stockport Leaders Pledge To Oppose Prejudice And Discrimination

Stockport Council’s Group Leaders have come together to pledge to oppose discrimination and prejudice in politics, and to reinforce the message that there can no place in our democratic process for those who seek to incite division on the basis of race or nationality. The signing of the pledge at Stockport Town Hall on Tuesday 26th July follows a worrying rise in racist, xenophobic and [… read more …]

Jul 282016
Labour Concern Over Leaked Stepping Hill Hospital Cuts Plan

Stockport Labour has expressed deep concern after details of an NHS Foundation Trust ‘financial improvement plan’ detailing millions of pounds of cuts to local services were leaked to the media before all staff were informed. The plan, aimed at addressing the fact that Stepping Hill Hospital loses £75 every minute, will see the closure of a 22-bed surgical ward and of a further 8 trauma [… read more …]

Jul 252016
Hatworks Event Showcases Stockport's Millinery Talent

Stockport Hat Works hosted the very first ‘Hat Share’ event on Saturday 16th July, an event which celebrated the achievements of millinery students who have been learning hat-making skills at the museum and embraced the cultural heritage of our borough. Davenport and Cale Green Councillor Elise Wilson, after attending the event, said ‘Hat-making is a skill which you can’t learn anywhere else in Greater Manchester [… read more …]

Jul 212016
Labour Council To Publicly Debate Petitions Over 10,000 Signatures

Stockport’s new Labour administration has announced that any petition submitted to the Council which attracts more than 10,000 signatures from local residents will now be publicly debated at a formal meeting of the Executive. Executive Councillor for Reform and Governance David Sedgwick said ‘This forms part of a package of measures Labour is introducing which are aimed at making our democracy more accessible, and promoting [… read more …]

Jul 192016
Stockport Secures £19 Million For Integrated Care

Stockport’s Labour Council and the local NHS have jointly secured £19 million of new investment to integrate services provided by our local hospitals, social care and community healthcare between now and 2019. Stockport is one of only two boroughs in the region which has obtained the first funding from the £450 million Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Transformation Fund. Deputy Leader of the Council [… read more …]

Jul 192016
Labour Announce £750,000 Investment For Local Leisure Centres

Stockport’s new Labour Executive has announced a major £750,000 investment for local leisure centres in order to start to deal with a backlog of under-investment by the previous Liberal Democrat administration. Grand Central Leisure Centre has been allocated £302,000 in order to reopen the health suite, which has been closed since late April, refurbish the changing rooms, and upgrade the swimming facilities. Executive Councillor for [… read more …]

Jul 142016
Council Leader Calls On New PM To Safeguard £320 Million EU Funding

Labour Council Leader Alex Ganotis has called on new Prime Minister Theresa May to guarantee that Stockport won’t lose out on pledged European funding following the vote to leave the EU on 23rd June. Councillor Ganotis said ‘Real uncertainty has been caused by the referendum result and guarantees are needed both about £320 million earmarked for Greater Manchester between now and 2020 and future support [… read more …]

Jul 072016
Labour Provide £150,000 Support To Local Voluntary Sector

Stockport’s new Labour Executive has announced £150,000 of emergency funding for local charities and voluntary groups following months of Lib Dem failure to deliver on the public promises made when they ran the Council. Labour Deputy Leader and Executive Councillor for Adult Social Care Wendy Wild said ‘Urgently providing transitional funding for voluntary groups affected by recent cuts across Stockport has been a key priority [… read more …]

Jun 302016
Labour Deliver £700,000 Cash Boost For Parks In Stockport

Stockport’s new Labour Executive has announced a £708,000 cash boost for local parks across the borough to invest in the future of our greenspaces after years of stagnation and decline under the previous Liberal Democrat administration. Executive Councillor for Communities and Housing Sheila Bailey said ‘I am absolutely delighted to announce that one of the first decisions that Stockport’s new Labour Council has taken is [… read more …]

Jun 302016
Council Leader Pledges To Bring Community Together After EU Referendum

Stockport’s Labour Council Leader Alex Ganotis has pledged to bring the borough together after the EU Referendum last Thursday, following a rise in racist, xenophobic and hate crimes across the country in the aftermath of the closely fought and often divisive contest. Councillor Ganotis, ahead of making a statement at the Council Meeting on 30th June, said ‘I’m sending out the message loudly and clearly [… read more …]

Jun 282016
Labour Call For Tighter Restrictions On Alcohol Adverts Near Schools

Labour has called on the Government to give the Advertising Standards Agency the power to introduce tighter restrictions on alcohol advertising around local schools and colleges in Stockport. Davenport and Cale Green Councillor Elise Wilson, who will propose a motion at the Council Meeting on 30th June, said ‘Stockport has a level of alcohol-related hospital admissions which is above the regional and national average, and [… read more …]

Jun 222016
Labour Support Royal British Legion 'Count Them In' Campaign

Stockport Labour are supporting the Royal British Legion’s ‘Count Them In’ campaign to include more detailed questions about our local Armed Forces Community on the next census which is due in 2021. Labour Councillor Maureen Rowles, who is proposing a motion at the Council Meeting on 30th June, said ‘As somebody with first-hand experience of serving in our armed forces, I understand just what a [… read more …]

Jun 172016
Jo Cox MP: Statement From Cllr Alex Ganotis, Leader of Stockport Council

‘The death of the Labour MP Jo Cox following a devastating attack in her own parliamentary constituency has deeply saddened people across Stockport. ‘I’m sure I speak for residents around the borough when I express the total state of shock that such an appalling murder could take place and that the victim was a hard-working local MP who was serving her community when this unprovoked [… read more …]

Jun 162016
New Labour Executive Outline Health Priorities

Executive Councillor for Health Tom McGee has set out his vision for the future of local health services across Stockport at the first public meeting of the new Labour administration on Tuesday 14th June. Councillor McGee said ‘Stockport faces some major challenges over the next few years, with decreasing resources to meet increasing demands, but there are also significant opportunities to transform health services across [… read more …]

Jun 142016
New Labour Administration Pledge To Mop Up Flooding Mess

Stockport Council’s new Labour administration has pledged to revisit local contingency planning in the borough after significant rainfall led to flooding in Bramhall, Offerton and Hazel Grove over the weekend. After less than a month in opposition the Liberal Democrats have brazenly issued a statement which outlines the myriad of failings in planning for future flooding events under their stewardship of the Council. The Labour [… read more …]

Jun 102016
90th Birthday Wishes For The Queen

Labour Council Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis is wishing Her Majesty The Queen well ahead of a weekend of events across Stockport to celebrate her 90th birthday. Councillor Ganotis said ‘On behalf of people across Stockport I want to send my best wishes to the Queen on the weekend which officially marks her 90th birthday. ‘It’s a truly remarkable achievement to have been on the throne [… read more …]

Jun 092016
Labour Offer Support To Staff After BHS Collapse

Labour will ensure Stockport Council acts to support more than 50 local workers at risk of losing their jobs after a final bid to save British Home Stores from liquidation failed last week. Councillor Kate Butler Executive Member for Economy and Regeneration said: ‘Any loss of jobs is extremely sad news and my heart goes out to the members of staff in Stockport and the [… read more …]

Jun 032016
Labour Welcome Reduced Bus Fares For Stockport Residents

Labour has welcomed new investment from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) which will see more than 12,000 free and discounted bus and tram fares for jobseekers, including for those seeking work in Stockport. Executive Councillor for Economy and Regeneration Kate Butler said ‘I’m delighted that TfGM has come forward with such an ambitious plan to use this new £2.5 million of sustainable travel funding to [… read more …]

May 312016
Labour Slam Lib Dem Adult Education Ofsted Failure

Labour has slammed the previous Liberal Democrat stewardship of adult education provision in Stockport after an Ofsted report published on 31st May found that local services ‘required improvement’ earlier this month. Executive Councillor for Education Dean Fitzpatrick said ‘This is just one example of a litany of failure from the Lib Dems which the new Labour Executive is unearthing. ‘Our Continuing Education Service, which currently [… read more …]

May 272016
Labour Launch Legal Highs Crackdown In Stockport

Labour will use new powers for Stockport Council to work with Greater Manchester Police to tackle legal highs, after a complete ban on the sale of these substances over the counter and online came into force on 26th May. Executive Councillor for Reform and Governance David Sedgwick said ‘Parents across Stockport have spoken to me to share their concern about the availability of legal highs. [… read more …]

May 242016
Unlocking Stockport's Potential

Labour’s vision for Stockport centres on unlocking the enormous potential of the borough following the confirmation of a new Leader of the Council on Tuesday 24th May. Labour Leader of Stockport Council Alex Ganotis said ‘Labour will have unlocking the enormous economic and social potential of Stockport as our key focus running through every decision which the Council takes under our leadership. ‘Stockport is a [… read more …]

May 162016
Labour Will Scrap Lib Dem Market Plan

Labour will scrap controversial Lib Dem plans to relocate Stockport Market on day one when they form a new administration to run the Council on 24th May. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said ‘The new Executive will base any future market proposal on evidence and a thorough appraisal of all viable options. ‘The Council should always have been committed to genuinely considering the outcome [… read more …]

May 102016
Labour Set To Lead Stockport Council

Stockport Labour Group won the popular vote and is now the biggest political party on Stockport Council following the local elections held on Thursday 5th May. Lib Dem Council Leader Sue Derbyshire dramatically lost her Manor seat to Labour’s Charlie Stewart by 437 votes. Whilst Stockport remains under no overall control, the Liberal Democrats are now not the largest party for the first time in [… read more …]

May 052016
Cheadle Hulme South Councillor Joins Labour

Cheadle Hulme South Councillor Stuart Bodsworth has dramatically joined the Labour Party on the same day as the local elections, acknowledging that Labour is providing the leadership, values and innovation which Stockport needs. Councillor Bodsworth said ‘All of my work in politics has been directed toward building a more sustainable future for everyone, promoting the values of environmental sustainability and working to reduce social inequality, [… read more …]

May 052016
Vote Labour Today

Labour offers the strong, stable and principled leadership which is the choice people across Stockport want to see at the local elections taking place today. Labour are united in our plan to deliver positive change and run the high quality services which everybody deserves irrespective of background or where you live in the borough. Strong local leadership becomes increasingly important with a Tory Government which [… read more …]

May 042016
Charlie Stewart: The Hard-Working Local Choice For Manor

Charlie Stewart, Labour’s Candidate for Manor, is the hard-working, local choice for the Council election on 5th May and is a community champion who will deliver for people in Offerton, Heaviley and Central Stockport. Charlie said ‘Having lived in Heaviley for more than 17 years I’m proud to have been selected as the Labour Candidate for Manor ward. ‘I think it’s extremely important for our [… read more …]

May 032016
Unfair Tory Cuts See Stockport Lose £297 Per Household

New figures obtained by the Labour Group show how Stockport will have lost almost £300 per household per year between 2011 and 2020 due to unfair cuts made to Local Authorities by the Liberal Democrat-Conservative Coalition and now the Tory Government. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said ‘Stockport Council will have lost £297 for every household between 2011 and 2020, but Conservative-controlled South Cambridgeshire [… read more …]

May 032016
Amanda Green: A Fresh Approach For Bredbury And Woodley

Amanda Green, Labour’s Candidate for Bredbury and Woodley, is providing the fresh approach and new ideas which local people want to see ahead of the local election on 5th May. Amanda said ‘Having lived in Stockport all of my life I am delighted to be able to stand as the Labour Candidate for Bredbury and Woodley. ‘As your local Councillor I would work hard to [… read more …]

May 022016
Time for change. Time for action. Time for Janet in Offerton.

Janet Glover, Labour’s candidate in Offerton, writes: “We never see our Lib Dem councillors around here” “The Lib Dems do next to nothing for us” “They expect praise when the council cuts the grass. That’s their job!” These are just some of the comments made by neighbours around the Offerton estate at the weekend. Disapppointing though the comments are, I’m also saddened to learn that the [… read more …]

May 022016
28 reasons to vote Janet Glover for Offerton

This list speaks for itself. It’s a summary of all recent casework completed by Janet Glover for Offerton residents. It puts the Lib Dem councillors to shame. If Janet is this effective as a candidate, imagine what she would achieve as a councillor. Here goes: One elderly resident who had been waiting for two years for a tree to be planted in memory of her [… read more …]

May 012016
Charlie Stewart, the change Manor needs and deserves

A personal message from Labour’s Charlie Stewart to the people of Manor “I’ve been proud to serve to my community in many ways over the 17 years I’ve lived here and I would consider it an absolute honour to serve you as your councillor. “Living locally as I do I have a first-hand insight into what really matters to you – my neighbours – and [… read more …]

Apr 282016
Janet Glover: A Community Champion For Offerton

Janet Glover, Labour’s Candidate for Offerton, is the principled and dedicated choice for the local election on 5th May and is the only person capable of delivering the real change which people in Offerton and Great Moor want to see. Janet said ‘I’m extremely pleased to have been selected as the Labour Candidate for Offerton ward. Offerton is a great place and if elected to [… read more …]

Apr 262016
Dena Ryness: Standing Up For Stepping Hill

Dena Ryness, Labour’s Candidate for Stepping Hill, is the best choice at the local election on 5th May to stand up for people in Davenport, Woodsmoor and Hazel Grove. Dena said ‘I’m proud to have been selected as the Labour Candidate for Stepping Hill. Our ward is a close three-way fight and every vote will count in two weeks’ time. ‘My priorities are to solve [… read more …]

Apr 252016
Sure Start Vital For Wellbeing Of Stockport Families

Stockport Labour Group has asked the Liberal Democrat Executive to guarantee for local families that no further cuts will be made to local Sure Start Children’s Centres after the elections on 5th May. The move comes after a Department for Education report was published in December which showed how the mental health of parents was worse in areas where Sure Start Centres have been closed [… read more …]

Apr 222016
Lib Dem Council Leader Has Questions To Answer On Executive Resignation

Connected to an explosive report on last weekend’s Sunday Politics, the Labour Group has had sight of a letter from the Leader of the Council to a former Liberal Democrat Councillor which casts doubt on the accuracy of public statements made by Councillor Sue Derbyshire. Councillor Patrick McAuley, now an independent, has accused her of attempting to use ‘hush money’ from local taxpayers to avoid [… read more …]

Apr 222016
Housing and Planning Meeting With Peter Dowd MP

Stockport Labour Group met with Bootle MP Peter Dowd on 15th April to discuss the potential impact of the Housing and Planning Bill, currently passing through Parliament, on Stockport. Peter, also former Leader of Sefton Council in Merseyside, has been working with Labour’s Shadow Housing Team to highlight the impact of the Tory proposals. The bill includes changes which would end lifetime tenancies for new [… read more …]

Apr 202016

Charlie Stewart (Labour Candidate, Manor): Local traders on Stockport Market have set-up their own consultation on the Council’s plans to relocate our historic Market. This was in competition with one on SMBC’s website which was accused of offering loaded questions designed to get the response the Council wanted. Does the Leader of the Council agree that it is a sign of failure in communication to [… read more …]

Apr 192016
Labour Call For Council Procurement To Reflect Company Tax Compliance

The Labour Group has called for future procurement exercises undertaken by Stockport Council to include tougher questions about tax compliance when goods and services are bought with taxpayer’s money from private companies. Labour Group Deputy Leader Councillor Wendy Wild said ‘Unpaid tax by big business is costing the UK around £9 billion per annum, something which has major implications in an era when there has [… read more …]

Apr 172016
Vote Labour on 5th May for strong, stable, principled leadership

A message for Stockport from Labour Leader, Cllr Alex Ganotis. Labour offers our borough strong, stable and principled leadership which delivers the positive change residents want to see and run the high quality services which local people deserve. Strong local leadership becomes increasingly important with a government which is imposing heavy cuts to public services in Stockport. An unbroken period of more than 18 years [… read more …]

Apr 122016
Labour Group Statement - Resignation of Cllr Patrick McAuley and the Future of Stockport Market

The shock resignation of Cllr Patrick McAuley from Stockport Council’s Executive raises some very serious questions about how Cllr Sue Derbyshire as Leader of the Council has handled plans for the future of Stockport Market. We repeat our view that residents and traders deserve to be listened to. There is no point in launching a public consultation if you have no intention of considering the [… read more …]

Apr 112016
Tory Academy Plan 'Irresponsible And Undemocratic'

Stockport Labour Group has reacted with alarm to a Government White Paper on the future of our education system which threatens a top-down and costly reorganisation forcing every state funded school in Stockport to become an academy by 2020. Labour Spokesperson for Education Councillor Colin Foster said ‘There is no evidence that outcomes are better in academies than in other state-funded schools – these plans [… read more …]

Apr 082016
Labour Support Statutory PHSE Education

Stockport Labour Group is backing a national campaign for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PHSE) education, including age-appropriate Sex and Relationship education (SRE), to become statutory in all state-funded schools in England. Labour Councillor David Sedgwick, who raised the issue at the Stockport Council meeting on 7th April, said ‘Parents may be surprised to hear that it’s not currently compulsory for schools to deliver PSHE [… read more …]

Apr 062016
Pooled Council And NHS Budget Reduced By £30 Million

The Labour Group can reveal that a joint Council and NHS pooled budget to deliver health and social care in Stockport could be as much as £30 million lower than expected in 2016-17 due to legal obstacles affecting the arrangements. Labour Group Deputy Leader Councillor Wendy Wild said ‘The local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) contacted the Council on 22nd March to say they had spotted [… read more …]

Apr 052016
A Stockport That Works For You

Stockport Labour Group has published a 2016 Local Government Manifesto ‘A Stockport That Works For You’ containing a detailed policy offer to residents outlining how a Labour Council will maximise the amazing potential of our borough. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said ‘Ahead of the local elections on 5th May I’m delighted to introduce Labour’s contract with Stockport which shows how we will invest [… read more …]

Apr 012016
Case Not Made For Lib Dem Market Plans

Stockport Labour Group will oppose changes to Stockport Market proposed by the Lib Dem Executive unless the views of traders and shoppers are listened to and a robust evidence base to show how the changes will revive the fortunes of our historic Market is provided. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said ‘These plans need to be about improving the Market and working with traders [… read more …]

Mar 082016

Stockport has a shortage of land on which to build houses.  There has recently been a call for sites across Greater Manchester which has resulted in 600 potential sites being submitted.  115 of them are in Stockport.  We question why out of 10 Local Authorities, Stockport sites appear to account for a fifth of the total.  Most of these sites will appear on the Greater [… read more …]

Mar 032016
Stockport Residents Face Massive Cuts To Local Services

Stockport Labour Group condemned the uncertainly faced by local residents after unsustainable cuts were imposed on frontline public services in Stockport by the Tory Government from April. The Lib Dem Executive’s Budget, which passed at a Council Meeting on Thursday 3rd March, will reduce everyday spending by £18.6 million in 2016-17, as well as increasing Council Tax by 3.75%, after the Government slashed central support [… read more …]

Mar 032016
Tory Cuts To Public Health 'A False Economy'

Stockport Labour Group has branded cuts by the Government to local Public Health as ‘a false economy’ after it was announced that the borough faces a £1.35 million cut to the 2016-17 Budget. Labour Chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee Councillor Tom McGee said ‘At a time when the NHS and Adult Social Care services are under mounting pressure, cutting the vital preventative work which [… read more …]

Mar 012016
Council Not Collecting £3.4 Million Business Taxes

Research by Stockport’s Labour Group has uncovered figures showing how the Liberal Democrat-led Council will not collect £3.48 million in local business taxes in 2015-16. Councillor Alex Ganotis, Leader of the Labour Group, said ‘Thursday’s Budget will debate plans to cut services by £18.6 million in Stockport next year so it is vital that the Council is maximising revenue. This isn’t extra tax, it is [… read more …]

Feb 292016
The Future of Stockport Market - Labour Group Statement, 29th February 2016

Labour Councillors want the Council to genuinely work with traders and shoppers on proposals to change Stockport Market, rather than presenting plans as a fait accompli. Inaction by Stockport Council over the years has meant continued decline and has led many traders to move to markets like the one in Bury where they can generate higher revenues. Any solution proposed now must take into account [… read more …]

Feb 252016
£18.6 Million Tory Cuts Threaten Stockport Council Services

The Labour Group has warned of the devastating impact cuts imposed on Stockport by the Tory Government will have on frontline services ahead of Councillors agreeing the Council Budget for 2016-17 on Thursday 3rd March. The Lib Dem Executive is proposing to reduce everyday spending by £18.6 million in 2016-17, as well as increase Council Tax by 3.75% in order to raise £4.75 million to [… read more …]

Feb 232016
Labour Councillors Move To Protect Stockport Allotments

Local Labour Councillors have moved to protect allotments across Stockport following the identification of areas of land which may be made available for housing as part of early work on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). At a meeting of the Central Stockport Area Committee on Thursday 11th February Labour Councillors resolved to request the removal of all allotment and community open spaces which have [… read more …]

Feb 192016
Labour Secure Residents Free Entry To Lyme Park

Stockport Labour Group has welcomed confirmation from the National Trust that local people are to be offered a residents’ pass entitling them to free access to the house and gardens at historic Lyme in Disley. Labour Customer Services Spokesperson Councillor Kate Butler said ‘Labour pushed for this improved deal which means that, following negotiation with the National Trust, residents will now have one day of [… read more …]

Feb 172016
Stockport Residents Face 3.75% Council Tax Rise

Stockport Labour Group can reveal that residents face an overall rise of 3.75% in Council Tax bills from April 2016 under local Lib Dem Budget proposals. The increase would mean a total of £4.75 million more is levied from taxpayers next year than in 2015-16. Councillor Alex Ganotis, Leader of the Labour Group, said ‘The Government are effectively forcing the Council into this position with [… read more …]

Feb 122016
Stockport Market Update - Central Area Committee, 11th February

A record was set on the 11th February at the Central Stockport Area Committee. 268 public questions were submitted regarding the Council’s proposals for Stockport Market. In addition there was a petition signed by over 6,000 residents. The Chair of the Committee, Labour Councillor Philip Harding, advised the packed meeting room that every one of the questioners would receive a written response. Labour Councillors Andy [… read more …]

Feb 112016
Victory In Battle To Save Stockport Court

Labour can reveal that Stockport Magistrates and County Court has been saved from closure following a dramatic u-turn from the Government in the face of pressure from legal professionals, members of the public and local Labour politicians. A Stockport Labour Group petition last autumn attracted 2,000 local signatures against the proposals which would have restricted access to justice, whilst Stockport MPs Ann Coffey and Andrew [… read more …]

Feb 092016
Keep Decision Making On Fracking Local

Stockport Labour Group has written to the Government following reports that they plan to remove decision making powers from local Councils and impose fracking on communities without their consent. Today, 9th February 2016, Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Alex Ganotis wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the [… read more …]

Feb 022016
Labour Call For Mandatory Display Of Food Hygiene Ratings

Stockport Labour Group has called for new powers for restaurants and takeaways to be obligated to display their food hygiene ratings following safety concerns at a number of local venues. In autumn last year the Food Standards Agency gave 5 local businesses a ‘zero’ rating for hygiene, meaning ‘urgent improvement is required’ by a venue serving food to the public. After raising the proposal at [… read more …]

Feb 012016
Labour Press For Support Ambulance Use Of Bus Lanes

Stockport Labour Group has asked the Council to consider extending local bus lane exemptions to support ambulances for planned care appointments, following a request from staff at the North-West Ambulance Service (NWAS). Ambulances can currently use Stockport’s bus lanes on the A6 when attending an emergency, but not for more routine appointments, which leads NWAS vehicles to lose time in traffic. Labour Transport Spokesperson Councillor [… read more …]

Jan 282016
‘Public Safety Put At Risk’ By Loss Of 312 Firefighters

Stockport Labour Group has attacked Government cuts which could see Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service lose 312 firefighters and emergency cover for Stockport reduced to just one fire engine available each night. Ahead of a debate on cuts to the fire service at Stockport Council on 28th January, Labour Councillor Walter Brett said ‘These proposals put local people at risk – public safety is [… read more …]

Jan 252016
Local Government Finance Settlement Hits Stockport

Stockport Council will have made more than £93 million of cuts to local services by 2016-17 and lost 25% of our overall workforce, but it looks as though even worse is in store from the most recent Local Government Finance Settlement. There will be little respite for residents over the next Parliament, and, with £18.5 million scheduled to be slashed from the Council budget next [… read more …]

Jan 252016

Stockport Labour Group has welcomed a Lib Dem climb-down which has seen almost £200,000 of controversial Council cuts to parks and greenspaces in the borough abandoned. Labour Communities Spokesperson Councillor Sheila Bailey said ‘The proposals that were put out for consultation by the Liberal Democrats would have had a devastating impact – removing permanent staff completely from some parks and reducing the hours they worked [… read more …]

Dec 032015

  Stockport Labour Group is calling on the Council to reverse planned cuts to mental health services which will see funding for a team of local support workers slashed. The call coincides with a cross-party motion scheduled for the full meeting of Stockport Council on 3rd December, which includes a plea for mental health to be a local priority. Councillor Tom McGee, Labour Group Chair [… read more …]

Dec 032015

  Stockport Labour Group has welcomed support from across the political spectrum for its campaign to provide better access to social and affordable housing in the borough. A motion on the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill will be debated at the full meeting of Stockport Council on 3rd December, with the Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council now publicly supporting Labour in opposition to a [… read more …]

Nov 262015
Labour Group elects new Depty Leader

Councillor Wendy Wild has been elected as the new Deputy Leader of Stockport Labour Group. Following news of her election at a Labour Group meeting on 17th November, Coun. Wild said ‘I am delighted that my colleagues have given me the opportunity to serve the people of Stockport as Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, it is a great honour. ‘The local elections next May [… read more …]

Nov 262015

The attack on social housing, begun under the Coalition Government, is continuing under this Government. If you are young, in receipt of benefits, or working in part-time or low paid employment, if you cannot find thousands of pounds for a deposit or, because of your income or credit status cannot get a mortgage, your chances of being able to find affordable accommodation are almost non-existent. [… read more …]

Nov 172015
Labour Group welcomes funding for Stockport's Wellbeing Centre

Following a high profile campaign from Stockport Against Mental Health Cuts, supported by the borough’s Labour Group, the Council is now considering a number of options for funding to safeguard the immediate future of the Sir Joseph Whitworth Centre, formerly known as the Wellbeing Centre, on Chestergate. The centre, home to local community groups, charities and NHS and carer support groups, had been under threat [… read more …]

Nov 052015
Summary of Labour Group questions to the Council Executive, full council meeting of 29 October 2015

Cllr Colin Foster (Labour, Heatons South), Shadow Spokesperson – Children and Education: Robert Menard, the anti-immigration Front National Mayor of Bezier, a French town which is twinned with Stockport, has plunged new depths this autumn. Two examples include on 15th September [when] he was recorded by the media as telling a Syrian refugee family ‘you’re not welcome in this town’ and personally trying to evict [… read more …]

Nov 032015
Labour fears cynical Lib Dem plan for library cuts

  Stockport Labour Group fears that the Council is planning major cuts to local libraries in the borough, to be implemented only months after the May 2016 local elections. In response to Labour questioning at the Council Meeting on 29th October, the Liberal Democrat Executive refused to guarantee that automated, ‘open library’ technology wouldn’t be used to cut staffing levels in Stockport as part of [… read more …]

Nov 032015
Government accused of moving the goalposts on voter registration

  Labour councillors in Stockport have accused the Government of moving the goalposts amid concerns that plans for individual voter registration will leave thousands of local residents disenfranchised from the democratic process. A motion to the Council meeting on 29th October asks for Stockport Council to ‘take every practicable step…to ensure that as many local residents are registered to vote as possible’. The move comes [… read more …]

Oct 232015
Labour calls for fairer funding deal for Stockport schools

Stockport Labour Group joins Ann Coffey MP in calling on the Government to deliver a better funding deal for Stockport pupils. More than 100 MPs from all parties have signed an open letter to David Cameron urging the Government to deliver funding reform. Councillor Colin Foster, Labour Spokesperson for Children and Young People  said, ‘Under the formula pupils in Stockport lose out by £486 each year [… read more …]

Oct 212015
Trade Union Bill: Labour Group Statement

Trade Unions play a vital part in any modern industrial democracy, promoting good industrial relations whilst ensuring that the rights of workers are protected and respected by employers. The Trade Union Bill, introduced to Parliament by the Conservatives on 15th July, is anti-democratic and unfair, making a mockery of the Government claiming to be on the side of hard working people in this Country. Stockport [… read more …]

Oct 212015
New figures confirm Stockport needs a pay rise

  Stockport Labour Group is calling for more be done for local working people after new figures revealed that 24,000 jobs in Stockport pay less than a living wage. The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings from the Office for National Statistics showed that 23.2% of local workers, almost one in four people, earn less than the £7.85 per hour rate. Labour Spokesperson Councillor Kate Butler [… read more …]

Oct 212015
Stark warning on future of services for vulnerable adults

  Stockport Labour Group has issued a stark warning that the future of the Council’s award-winning REaCH service, which provides highly valued reablement and community support services for vulnerable adults across the borough, is under threat. Labour Spokesperson Councillor Wendy Wild said, ‘The Liberal Democrats are proposing £4.7 million of cuts to adult care, hitting some of the most vulnerable people in Stockport. The proposal [… read more …]

Oct 092015
2,000 sign Labour petition to save Stockport's Courthouse

Almost 2,000 residents have signed a Labour Group petition to save Stockport Magistrates and County Court from closure. The petition has to date attracted 1,927 signatures against proposals put forward by the Ministry of Justice on Courts and Tribunals across the North-West which would severely restrict access to justice in the borough. Leader of the Labour Group Councillor Alex Ganotis said, “The response from members [… read more …]

Sep 242015
TfGM Questions to the council, 17 September 2015

Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick (Labour, Heatons South), Shadow Spokesperson – Transport: Would Councillor Iain Roberts, as a Stockport representative on Transport for Greater Manchester, like to take this opportunity to explain to the Council what ‘Get Me There’ is? Cllr Iain Roberts (Liberal Democrat, Cheadle and Gatley), Deputy Leader of the Council:  ‘Get Me There’ essentially is  a travel smartcard, so a card that means you [… read more …]

Sep 242015
Summary of Labour Group questions to the Council Executive, full council meeting of 17 September 2015

Cllr Alex Ganotis (Labour, Heatons North), Leader of the Labour Group: Following the publication of the Executive Budgetary proposals for 2016-17 on 18th August, can the Executive Member for Support and Governance confirm that there will be no compulsory redundancies from the 140 jobs which seem set to be lost as part of the cuts which have been announced? Cllr Iain Roberts (Liberal Democrat, Cheadle [… read more …]

Sep 172015

A Labour motion to Stockport Council on 17th September will call for a review of local Council Tax practices including an end to bailiffs visiting families with children to collect debts and for a local ‘breathing space’ policy to allow residents in arrears 21 days to seek independent debt advice. Councillor Kate Butler, Labour Spokesperson for Council Reform who is proposing the motion, said ‘Stockport [… read more …]

Sep 072015

The situation facing the millions of people fleeing war and violence in the Middle East and North Africa is one that people across Europe want to see action taken on. Stockport Labour Group supports the principle of the UK offering sanctuary to refugees and remembers our proud history of accepting people fleeing conflict and persecution, including accepting 1,200 residents of Guernsey in 1940. This is [… read more …]

Aug 272015
Labour Group condemns Stockport courts closure

Stockport Labour Group has expressed grave concerns following an announcement that Stockport Magistrates and County Court face closure under plans which will severely restrict access to justice in the borough and are likely to prove a false economy for taxpayers. A public petition has been launched to fight the proposals which have been put forward by the Ministry of Justice in a consultation on Courts [… read more …]

Aug 272015
More jobs to go in Lib Dem Council cuts

Stockport Labour Group can reveal that up to 140 jobs will be lost under Liberal Democrat plans to cut the Council Budget in 2016-17. The news will be greeted with dismay locally – since April 2011 the number of staff employed by the Council has dropped by nearly 1,000. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said, “There is real concern that these plans may lead [… read more …]

Jul 212015
Labour Group welcomes Stepping Hill specialist status award

Stockport Labour Group has welcomed news that Stepping Hill Hospital will be the fourth hospital to provide specialist emergency medicine and general surgery under Healthier Together proposals to improve health outcomes in Greater Manchester. Labour Health Scrutiny Chair Cllr Tom McGee, a long-term campaigner for Stepping Hill Hospital to be granted specialist status, said ‘it was vital that Stepping Hill was 1 of the 4 specialist [… read more …]

Jul 212015
Labour Group calls for ring-fence of £1million support for disabled

Stockport Labour Group has called on the Council to ring-fence around £1 million a year of funding the borough will receive to support severely disabled residents. The move comes after the Government closed the Independent Living Fund (ILF), which had previously supported 80 people in Stockport, on Tuesday 30th June. Labour Councillor Wendy Wild, who raised the issue at the Council meeting on July 2nd, [… read more …]

Jul 212015
Labour Group calls for increased council powers on legal highs

Stockport Labour Group has called for increased powers for Councils and Greater Manchester Police to tackle legal highs, including a complete ban on the sale of these substances over the counter and online. Labour Councillor Chris Murphy, who is proposing a motion to the full Council meeting on July 2nd, said ‘Legal highs contain a range of ingredients and there has been little meaningful research [… read more …]

Jul 212015
Oh dear. What Stockport Tories REALLY think of young people.

Stockport Labour Group’s Cllr Colin Foster made a powerful case for votes in the EU referendum to be extended to Stockport’s thousands of 16 and 17 year olds at a recent full council meeting. He argued convincingly that they can already give consent to medical treatment, pay income tax and national insurance, get married or enter a civil partnership, and join the armed forces. Opposing [… read more …]

Jul 212015
Summary of Labour Group questions to the Council Executive, full council meeting of 2 July 2015

Cllr Kate Butler (Labour, Reddish North): Research published earlier this year by the Children’s Society estimated that there are 1.6 million children in England living in families who have faced a Council Tax debt. The Society’s report, called The Wolf at the Door, made eight central recommendations, including that Councils should not engage bailiffs in collecting Council Tax debt for families with children. Will the [… read more …]

Jul 212015

An opportunity has arisen for Stockport Council to purchase the Edgeley Park Football Ground from the current owners, Cheshire Sport. The Council’s Executive will receive a report on Wednesday recommending that, subject to due diligence, the Council will become owner of the ground. This is a genuinely commercial arrangement which would enable the establishment of a landlord-tenant relationship between the Council and Stockport County Football [… read more …]

May 222015
Labour challenges Metrolink progress

Stockport Labour Group has challenged Liberal Democrat-run Stockport Council on their inadequate efforts to deliver Metrolink services to the borough. Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick, Labour Group Transport Spokesperson, said: “Approaching 30 million passenger journeys are now being made each year by Metrolink, but Stockport is consistently missing out on the economic boost that an extension to our borough would provide. “Liberal Democrats have led the Council [… read more …]

May 222015
Stepping Hill misses A&E targets 21 out of 25 weeks

Stockport Labour Group has highlighted figures showing that Stepping Hill Accident and Emergency missed waiting times targets for local patients in 21 of the last 25 weeks. Whilst NHS England figures for the week ending 17th May showed an improvement at Stepping Hill, with 1,861 attendances and 92 patients waiting for more than 4 hours after arrival for admission, transfer or discharge, at 95.1% the [… read more …]

May 122015
Stockport Labour make local election gains

Labour gained two seats on Stockport Council and 28% of the popular vote at the local elections on 7th May, on a night which saw the third-placed Liberal Democrats suffer losses across the borough. Stockport Labour Group now has 21 Councillors compared with a Liberal Democrat Group of 26 and a Conservative Group of 13. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said, “These results are [… read more …]

May 122015
Labour Group increases influence on Stockport Council

Stockport Labour Group has increased its influence on the Council after last week’s local elections saw the gap between Labour and the Liberal Democrats narrow significantly, leaving no party in overall control. Labour will now chair more Scrutiny Committees; something that will make the Lib Dem Executive more democratically accountable. Labour Group Leader Councillor Alex Ganotis said, “These changes are going to lead to better [… read more …]

Apr 212015
Labour call for council action on town centre parking

Stockport Labour Group is calling for the Council to take action on parking in Stockport town centre, including an overhaul of charges for motorists. The move comes after campaigners launched a petition to have controversial parking company Excel removed from the Peel Centre, which has so far been signed by almost 2,200 residents. Excel has been accused of unethical practices by campaigners, with a number [… read more …]

Apr 202015
Labour Group Leader's Local and General Election Address

The local and general elections on 7th May are arguably the most important for a generation in Stockport. This will be your chance to tell the Lib Dems and Tories that enough is enough: Stockport needs change and Labour is ready to deliver it. Our manifesto sets out how a Labour Government will ensure that this country works for everyone, rather than only for a [… read more …]

Apr 202015
"Let’s respect the electorate and fight a clean campaign"

We note that the Liberal Democrats have sent a misleading email quoting Independent Offerton Councillor Laura Booth’s intention to support the LibDem candidate in the General Election in Hazel Grove. Sheila Townsend, chair of Hazel Grove Labour Party, said, “We are receiving a growing volume of responses from residents angry at what they regard as deliberately misleading letters and e-mails. These letters and e-mails purport [… read more …]


 Brinnington & Central  Comments Off on Statement
Mar 302015

Labour Group Statement – 30th March 2015 Offensive messages have been posted online and intimidating phone calls have been made to Brinnington Councillors following their decision to support a recent planning application for new housing, which is intrinsically linked to the building of a new Leisure Centre, in Brinnington. The abuse that the Brinnington and Central Councillors have suffered has been from residents outside of [… read more …]

Feb 262015
Stockport Lib Dems asleep at the wheel on council budget

The Leader of Stockport Labour Group has attacked the 2015-16 Council budget, saying that the Lib Dem-run Authority has failed to effectively reform services and that a proposed outcomes-based approach is too little action, too late. Speaking at the Council budget meeting on 26th February, Cllr Alex Ganotis said ‘This budget represents an unnecessary risk which the Council wouldn’t be taking had the Lib Dems [… read more …]

Feb 252015
Stockport Lib Dems propose £39 million cut council to budget

Stockport Labour Group has highlighted the huge impact planned cuts to the Council will have on frontline services after the Liberal Democrat Executive proposed their budget for 2015-16. The Lib Dems are proposing to cut £17.3 million of spending in 2015-16, with a cumulative reduction of £38.6m by March 2017. By that point, cuts to Stockport Council-run services will have been an eye-watering £93.3 million [… read more …]

Feb 042015
Labour calls for Stockport Living Wage Charter

Stockport Labour Group has called on Liberal Democrat-run Stockport Council to introduce a voluntary Living Wage Charter for local businesses to commit themselves to pay workers the Living Wage. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, and currently stands at £7.85 per hour. The statutory minimum wage is currently £6.50 per hour. There are 558,000 people in [… read more …]

Feb 032015
Housing promise broken

Figures obtained by Stockport Labour Group show that not one of the 161 homes sold in Stockport under the Right to Buy Scheme since 2011 has been replaced. This is in spite of assurances by the government that for every council house sold another would be built. This new data comes at a time when the crisis in affordable housing in Stockport has never been [… read more …]

Jan 132015
Labour summons NHS bosses over Stepping Hill A&E crisis

Stockport Labour Group has summoned local NHS bosses to question the performance of Stepping Hill Accident and Emergency over Christmas and New Year. The move comes after new figures for the week ending 4th January showed that there were 1,781 attendances at Stepping Hill with 724 patients having to wait for more than 4 hours after arrival to their admission, transfer or discharge. At just 59.3% [… read more …]

Jan 122015

Councillor Alex Ganotis has been elected as the new Leader of Stockport Labour Group. Following news of his election at a Labour Group meeting on 12th January, Cllr Ganotis said ‘I am delighted that my colleagues have chosen to put their faith in me, it will be a great privilege to serve Stockport as Labour Group Leader. ‘The upcoming local and general elections in May [… read more …]

Jan 052015

Councillor Andy Verdeille has announced his retirement as Leader of Stockport Labour Group and confirms he will remain councillor for the ward of Reddish South. Following a Labour Group meeting on Monday 5th January Cllr Verdeille said, “It’s been a great privilege to serve the people of Stockport as the Leader of Labour Group. “I made the decision to retire over the summer as I’ve [… read more …]

Nov 062014

Figures obtained by Stockport Labour Group reveal that over 20% of people in Stockport suffer from a mental health illness and the borough is ranked 26 most in need out of 211 areas in England. Incredibly, spending on mental health by Stockport MBC is only 1.3% of the £12m public health budget held by the Council. Stockport Labour Group spokesperson Cllr Wendy Wild says: “Spending [… read more …]

Nov 052014

Stockport Labour Group is committed to being a credible opposition on the Council, and offering residents the best possible choice of candidates at local elections in our Borough. Cllr Brian Hendley was deselected as a Labour candidate at a meeting of Davenport & Cale Green Labour Party members on Wednesday 1 October. On Wednesday 5 November he resigned from the Labour Party.  Brian’s current term [… read more …]

Oct 272014

Stockport residents have joined thousands of rail users across the north to highlight threats to rail staff from Department for Transport proposals on the next Northern Rail and TransPennine Express franchises. A Labour motion to Stockport Council on 16th October called for protection of staff at local stations and of train conductors. The Labour Group argued that it is vital to protect staff to make [… read more …]

Oct 232014

Following claims made by Cllr Paul Moss on Wednesday 22 October, we note the following: Stockport Liberal Democrats made an empty gesture when offering to abstain on any motion brought by us to the council chamber against development on Reddish Vale Country Park. The decision to build or not to build on the Vale was always going to be for the consideration of the quasi-judicial [… read more …]

Oct 142014

Stockport Labour Group is calling on the Council to do more to support local Northern Rail staff in the Borough in the light of proposals by the Government and Rail North to remove conductors from local services and reduce the opening times of ticket offices which serve rail users. A Department for Transport consultation on the Northern Rail franchise from February 2016 onwards closed in [… read more …]

Oct 032014

We are sad to hear via the local press that Cllr Laura Booth has decided to leave the Labour Party.   As a Labour Group we have been unwavering in our support for Laura and proud to support her in her career ambitions. As well as a valued Labour councillor and activist, Laura was the Labour Group Chair, Vice Chair of the Local Campaign Forum, [… read more …]

Sep 182014

The Labour Group in Stockport is submitting a joint response to the consultation on changes to health and care across Greater Manchester, ‘Healthier Together’. The comments below are the collective, considered view of the 22 elected Labour Councillors on Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. The proposed changes would have an impact on residents across the Borough. Change to Healthcare in Greater Manchester The principles of high [… read more …]

Sep 112014

Councillors from across the political spectrum put their names to a 5-point Motor Neurone Disease Association Charter before the Council Meeting of 11th September. The signing highlighted ongoing efforts to fund and promote global research into Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a fatal, neurological disease for which there is currently no effective treatment and no cure. MND kills five people in the UK every day, and [… read more …]

Sep 112014

Stockport Labour Group renewed its call for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped at a meeting of Stockport Council on Thursday which debated the policy. A clear motion was presented to Councillors from across the political spectrum asking them to publically state that they support getting rid of the Bedroom Tax, but this was voted down by the Liberal Democrats. On 1st April 2013, the Liberal Democrat [… read more …]

Sep 042014

Stockport Labour Group is seeking a change in policy by Stockport Council to ensure that firms found to have used illegal ‘blacklisting’ adequately compensate victims before winning future Council contracts. Blacklisting is the illegal practice of denying employment to individuals on the basis of information, accurate or not, which is held on a database. Labour is calling for firms who want Council contracts to have [… read more …]

Aug 292014

Stockport Labour Group have analysed figures showing how the number of infant pupils in oversized classes in Stockport has increased by over 200% since 2009-10. The figures, published by the Department for Education, show that in the last year before the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government came to power there were 13 classes with 405 pupils at Key Stage 1 in the Borough with 30 or [… read more …]

Aug 192014

Stockport Labour Group have called on the Liberal Democrats running Stockport Council to urgently review how changes to health and social care in the Borough are being delivered. The appeal comes in the wake of an announcement that £15.6million of cuts to the health and social care budget are being planned over the next 2 years, £7.8million in 2015-16 and a further £7.8million in 2016-2017. [… read more …]

Aug 152014

Stockport Labour Group are seeking urgent reassurances regarding the future of Stepping Hill Hospital following the start of a consultation on changes to healthcare in Greater Manchester. The move comes after details emerged of the potential impact which reorganisation of 12 hospitals across the Region could have under the ‘Healthier Together’ programme. With almost 7 weeks of the consultation period left, an Extraordinary meeting of [… read more …]

May 072014
Janet Rothwell for Stepping Hill - because "she gets things done"

Janet Rothwell reports that she receives Stepping Hill casework on a daily basis and residents say that’s because “she gets things done”. If you’ve anything you’d like Janet to look into for you in Stepping Hill or would like to help out in any way, you can drop her a line here:

Feb 242014

Stockport Labour Group has warned of the terrible impact yet more cuts to Stockport Council’s funding will have on vital services after the Lib Dem controlled Council published its budget proposals for 2014/15. Swingeing cuts to the Council’s funding by the Lib Dem and Tory Government means that the Council must cut approximately £100million from its budget between 2011 and 2016/17. The Lib Dem Budget for 2014-15, which will be debated [… read more …]

Feb 182014

Following reports in the media today (18th February 2014) about Cheadle Fire Station closing for the day, Cllr Walter Brett, representative for Stockport on the Greater Manchester Fire Authority, commented: “After learning of the issue at Cheadle Fire Station, I immediately contacted the Borough Commander to understand why the decision had been taken. Clearly, today’s news will have unsettled some residents and I am pleased that [… read more …]

Jan 242014

Stockport Labour Group’s calls for more high quality apprenticeships to be created received all-party support at Stockport Council’s Full Council on Thursday 23rd January 2014. Following the unanimous vote of Council, work will be carried out to see how procurement rules can be amended so that companies winning contracts with the Council will be asked to offer high quality apprenticeships. A proportion of the apprenticeships must [… read more …]

Nov 272013

UPDATE: At the full council meeting the Liberal Democrats presented a substantial amendment to our motion which we found to be unacceptable. We decided to withdraw the motion and enter negotiations with the controlling group to find a way to achieve all party support in our call for more, high quality apprenticeships.  — Stockport Labour Group has proposed that companies receiving contracts from the Council should [… read more …]

Nov 272013

UPDATE: At the full council meeting, the Liberal Democrats presented an amendment which we felt did  not substantially alter the aims of our motion and which we therefore accepted. — Stockport Labour Group has called for councillors to support tackling air pollution and to maintain air quality monitoring. The Labour Group has tabled a motion for the next Stockport Council Meeting on 28th November 2013 [… read more …]

Nov 272013

The council is considering cutting the funding for the StoryBus meaning the facility won’t be available at all.  The council suggests that children can use other libraries around Stockport even though Davenport & Cale Green doesn’t have a library of its own. This cut to an important local service is currently out to consultation: StoryBus Consultation. Elise Wilson, Labour’s candidate in Davenport & Cale Green, [… read more …]

Nov 222013

Reddish North’s Labour councillors and Member of Parliament are demanding answers from Stockport Council about the valuation and sale of the former North Reddish Junior & Infants School on Longford Road. The former school was closed as part of changes to local primary school provision and was put up for sale by Stockport Council. Earlier this year the school was sold for £205,000 to an [… read more …]

Nov 112013

Figures obtained by Stockport Labour Group show that the number of courts summons for Council Tax arrears has increased by 10% compared to last year. Figures provided by Stockport Council show that since 1st April 2013, 10,225 courts summons have been issued to residents in Stockport. This comes after the Council cut Council Tax support earlier this year – this was as a result of [… read more …]

Oct 232013

Stockport’s Labour councillors are calling on Stockport Homes to concentrate on building homes rather than expensive offices, after proposals were put forward by the housing provider for a new multi-million pound office. Stockport Homes, the arms-length management organisation (ALMO) for Stockport’s council housing, has asked Stockport Council to provide a loan of £9.2million so they can build new offices on Edward Street opposite the Town [… read more …]

Sep 232013

Stockport Labour Group has welcomed Ed Miliband’s announcement that a future Labour Government would scrap the Bedroom Tax. Labour councillors in Stockport have been campaigning for the Lib Dem and Tory Government to scrap the Bedroom Tax which affects approximately 2,900 residents in Stockport, with the average Stockport Homes tenant losing £695 a year in support. A Labour Government would scrap the Bedroom Tax and [… read more …]

Sep 172013
Action on Pay Day Lenders agreed

Stockport Labour Group’s campaign to secure support for action against exploitative Pay Day Lenders was backed by the Full Council Meeting on Thursday 12 September 2013. Labour councillors Laura Booth and Kate Butler had submitted a motion which called for: Pay Day Lenders’ websites to be banned from Council computers in places like libraries, Pay Day Lenders’ advertising to banned from bus stops, Metrolink stations and [… read more …]

Sep 172013
"Tat'll do nicely" - Mayor gets tattoo for charity

Labour councillor and Mayor of Stockport, Chris Murphy (councillor for Brinnington & Central ward) has had a tattoo done of the Stockport crest to raise money for charity. Cllr Chris Murphy commented: “I am Stockport born and bred and proud to be so, and the crest is on anything to do with Stockport, including the county football shirt. I had thought about getting a tattoo [… read more …]

Aug 292013
Labour calls for answers on Bredbury fire

Stockport Labour Group has called for answers about the health impacts of the fire at the Junction 25 Recycling Centre. Labour councillors have also requested detailed reports are produced for Council committees into how public organisations acted on concerns about the centre. Residents will have seen the huge fire that started overnight on 20th August at the privately-run Junction 25 Recycling Centre. The site has [… read more …]

Aug 292013

Latest Council reports show that cuts to Stockport are set to increase, again. Since the Council Budget in March, changes made by the Lib Dem and Tory Government have meant that the total the Council has to cut from services has increased by over £12million! Stockport Council now has to make a total of £93million of cuts from 2011 to 2016/17. The Lib Dem Council [… read more …]

Aug 292013

Stockport Labour Group has called for a jobs guarantee for people out of work for over two years after the latest unemployment figures revealed a 50% increase in those people out of work for over two years across Stockport. Latest Labour Market Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics show that total unemployment rose by 7,000 in the North West. The latest figures also [… read more …]

Jul 242013

Labour councillors representing both Heatons North and Heatons South wards are concerned at the growing crisis in primary school places, especially in the central part of the Heatons, and have called on Stockport Council to concentrate its proposals around Tithe Barn Primary School and the Peel Moat area. The Council’s other proposals that included the possible demolition of Freshfield Nursery School, increasing the size of Didsbury Road [… read more …]

Jul 042013

UPDATED Friday 5 July 2013 News broke today (Thursday 4 July) that development plans put forward by Lib Dem-run Stockport Council include moves to build large houses on land in Reddish Vale Country Park. A project to build new housing in Brinnington was revealed on Thursday 4th July to contain plans to build on land that is within the boundary of the much-loved Reddish Vale [… read more …]

Jul 022013
Labour backed in calls to curb spread of betting shops

Stockport Labour Group has secured support from councillors from other political parties to look at ways to curb the spread of betting shops. Labour councillors Tom McGee and Philip Harding moved a motion at Stockport Council’s Full Council Meeting on Thursday 27th June, which called for the Council to look at ways which issues around betting shops can be addressed. There are 33 betting shops [… read more …]

Jul 012013
Lib Dems & Tories refuse to call for Bedroom Tax to be scrapped

Stockport’s Lib Dems and Tories have showed once again that they will not stand-up for local people against the damage their Coalition Government is wreaking on Stockport residents. On Thursday 27th June, Labour councillors asked for Lib Dem and Tory councillors to join our calls for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped. Sadly, the Coalition partners refused to support our calls. The people of Stockport [… read more …]

Jun 242013

Stockport Labour Group has called for action to be taken to restrict the spread of betting shops in the town. A motion will be debated at the Full Council Meeting on Thursday 27th June calling for Council officers to investigate what can be done to limit the number of betting shops and the clustering of betting shops in particular areas. Figures revealed earlier this year [… read more …]

Jun 242013

Stockport’s Labour councillors are asking fellow councillors in the town to join their calls for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped. The Labour Group has submitted a motion about the Bedroom Tax for consideration at the Council Meeting on Thursday 27th June at Stockport Town Hall. Approximately 2,900 people in Stockport have been affected by the Bedroom Tax since it was brought in by the Lib [… read more …]

Jun 112013

Stockport Labour Group’s campaign to save local bowling greens that were at risk of closure by the Lib Dem Council has been successful. At the Council’s Executive meeting on Tuesday 11th June, Cllr Stuart Bodsworth (Lib Dem Executive Member for Communities and Sustainability) announced that following ‘a huge response’ to the consultation on the cuts proposal from the public, he would recommend that the cuts [… read more …]

May 102013

Stockport Labour Group has elected a new team of ‘Shadow Spokespeople’ to stand up for Stockport as the Lib Dem Council delivers £80million of cuts to services. The Labour Group’s new team is a blend of experience, new talent and contains more women than the ruling Lib Dem’s Executive. The elected Shadow Spokespeople are as follows: Cllr Alex Ganotis – Shadow Spokesperson for Policy, Reform & [… read more …]

May 102013

Veteran Labour Councillor, Dave White, has announced that he is to step down from the Council at next year’s local elections. Dave was re-selected by Davenport and Cale Green Labour Party members to fight the elections next year, but due to work commitments, Dave has decided to step down from the Council. Cllr Dave White said: “Due to work commitments I’ve taken the difficult decision [… read more …]

Apr 262013

Stockport Labour Group celebrated on Thursday evening (25th April) after Stockport Council agreed to back calls for a Living Wage to be adopted for Council staff. The Full Council Meeting saw a Labour motion calling for the Living Wage of £7.45 per hour to be paid to Council staff debated, before an amended version of the motion received unanimous support from all councillors. The lowest paid [… read more …]

Apr 042013

A short Stockport Council consultation survey has revealed that 8 bowling greens are marked for closure by Stockport Lib Dems and other cuts are being proposed for Stockport’s parks. As part of the ‘Parks and Open Spaces’ consultation survey, it has been revealed that the Lib Dems are proposing that; Litter will be cleared up less often, Broken and worn-out play equipment will not be [… read more …]

Apr 022013

Stockport Labour Group has slammed proposals by Lib Dem controlled Stockport Council to hike charges for residents parking schemes by 90% and introduce charges for schemes that are currently free. The plans have emerged in reports that will be discussed at Area Committees next week (week commencing 8th April). There are currently several fee-free schemes in operation as well as schemes which residents are charged [… read more …]

Mar 142013

Labour Councillors in Stockport are calling for action to be taken against the spread of dangerous betting machines in Stockport after figures revealed over £50million was gambled in Stockport alone last year. Labour Councillor Tom McGee (Heatons South ward) raised the spread of betting shops and specifically Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) at Stockport Full Council Meeting on 14th February 2013. Commenting today, Cllr McGee [… read more …]

Mar 062013

Stockport Labour Group has warned of the consequences of a high risk, unfair and vague Council budget that was passed tonight by Stockport Lib Dems. The Lib Dems’ budget was passed on Tuesday 5 March after the Independent Ratepayers supported a Budget that will see £28m cut from the Council’s budgets over the next two years. Stockport’s Labour councillors spoke out against the Budget and [… read more …]

Mar 012013

Stockport Labour Group has welcomed a report produced by Stockport Council which brings forward proposals that act on Labour’s calls for support for first-time buyers.  In January 2013, the Labour Group called for the Council to introduce a Local Authority Mortgage Scheme which would help first-time buyers secure mortgages that are otherwise unaffordable. (A copy of the press release from January can be found at [… read more …]

Mar 012013

Stockport Labour Group has slammed the Lib Dems’ mismanagement of the Dialstone Centre and Blackstone Fields development in Offerton after it was revealed that the Council is set to provide £750,000 to bailout the development. Since agreeing a £5.3m deal and appointing a developer in October 2010, Stockport Lib Dems have presided over delays and rocketing costs as the much needed regeneration project has been [… read more …]

Mar 012013

Stockport Labour Group has called for construction firms found to have used illegal ‘blacklisting’ to be banned from winning Council contracts in future.  In 2009 the Information Commissioner’s Officer discovered that 44 construction firms had been using an illegal blacklist which prevented thousands of workers from being employed. 3,213 workers had been blacklisted for reporting health and safety concerns or for being members of trade [… read more …]

Feb 212013

The details of 3 Children’s Centres that are to be downgraded by Lib Dem controlled Stockport Council in an attempt to cut over £1million have been revealed in a complex cuts report prepared by the Council.   The centres that will be downgraded from ‘hub’ to ‘satellite’ status are:  Reddish Vale Children’s Centre in Reddish South ward, which also serves the Marbury Estate in Heatons [… read more …]

Feb 212013

Commenting on the revelation that more than 21 youth workers are to be cut by Lib Dem Stockport Council, Cllr Andrew Verdeille, Leader of Stockport Labour Group, said: “Axing youth workers who quite clearly deliver vital frontline services is madness and filled with risk. The Council’s own cuts report says that this move risks increasing school absence, anti-social behaviour and could mean more young people [… read more …]

Feb 212013

Figures obtained by Stockport Labour Group show that Lib Dem controlled Stockport Council is spending less with local businesses despite the refusal of a senior Lib Dem councillor to accept the Council’s own figures.   At the Full Council meeting on Thursday 14th February, Labour councillor Alex Ganotis asked Lib Dem Executive Member Cllr Martin Candler if the Council would look to adopt a new procurement [… read more …]

Feb 122013

The Lib Dems running Stockport Council have finally revealed the next wave of cuts proposals they are making to vital services. Cllr Andrew Verdeille, Leader of Stockport Labour Group and South Reddish councillor, said: “What we’re seeing is the disintegration of local government in Stockport. The cuts the Lib Dems have announced fall hardest on young people, the vulnerable and dedicated Council staff. “These proposals [… read more …]

Feb 112013

Yesterday, Stockport Liberal Democrats held what they call a ‘Flock Together’ campaign session in the Offerton area of  Stockport. Their spokesperson, Lisa Smart, took to her Twitter account to thank the 38 people who took part in this event and to publish the comments that had been written on their action board entitled “Why are you in?” We publish below a copy of this board. Clearly from the comments [… read more …]

Jul 052016
Statement From Leader of the Council - 30th June 2016 Council Meeting

Thank you very much for appointing me as Leader of the Council. As someone who has lived their entire life in Stockport, I will work very, very hard, to serve the interests of Stockport as best I can, as will the rest of my Executive. It’s a real honour to be in this position and we will endeavour not to let you down and to [… read more …]

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