About Stockport Labour Group

Stockport Labour Group strives to serve all the people of Stockport and not just those in the areas where we have councillors.

As we are now the largest political group on the council, we will assume control of the council executive on 24th May 2016

Who we are

Our group is made up of 23 Labour councillors, our local organisers and delegates from the four Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) that cover the Stockport area.

What we do

Among our group of councillors we have a number of spokespeople who specialise in policy on important areas such as housing, health, schools, the environment and the local economy.

We organise campaigning activity all year round to ensure that we talk to as many residents as possible whether that’s over the phone or on the doorstep.

Our councillors all host regular advice surgeries and issue newsletters in their wards letting residents know about some of the work they are doing on their behalf and signposting important information and services.

Of the four CLPs covering the Stockport area, there are two Labour MPs – Andrew Gwynne for the Denton & Reddish constituency and Ann Coffey for the Stockport constituency. Both Andrew and Ann work closely with our Labour councillors and local organisers on issues affecting residents, making sure their voices are heard in Westminster.

And why we do it

We believe passionately in social justice and we’re committed to working hard for a fairer, more equal Stockport.

Government cuts will see millions slashed from vital services in Stockport, disproportionately hitting the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

Getting involved

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved with the Labour Party across Stockport or just want to know a bit more about us. The Labour Party doesn’t rely on wealthy donors to fund campaigns for local people, we rely on the hard work and dedication of our memberssupporters and volunteers.

If you’re interested in becoming a councillor please also get in touch. We are always looking for existing members that would like to represent their communities or non-members who are interested in joining the Labour Party and standing for election.

To get in touch you can click to email us at contact@stockportlabour.org.uk or send us a message here:


Your local Labour Councillors or Labour Party may contact you using the information you supply.