Duck! More motorway pot shots!

CLAIM The Christmas Period saw much mirth when Liberal cheer was delivered to our doorsteps. Seasonally, they couldn’t resist another Leaflet stab over the link road, describing our decision to […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Link-Road Logistics.

Reading this page you might have formed the opinion that Stockport Liberal Democrats are somewhat predictable. Not so – on occasion they really retain the capacity for surprise. We were […]

More Tatton Tittle Tattle

CLAIM: Lib Dems claim credit for Tatton Cinema development progress The Liberal Democrats have used positive news Tatton Cinema is going to be developed to – you guessed it- claim […]

More Lib Dem disinformation

Claim(s): Mark and Lisa ‘set direction’ of SMBC, Liberal ‘alternatives’ on housing and the mysteriously vanished coalition. …the Lib Dem ‘Summer 2017’ Bramhall and Woodford leaflet contains interesting claims including: […]