Clean Energy by 2050: Stockport Council Sign UK100 Pledge

Stockport Council has signed up to ambitious new targets to use 100 percent Clean Energy by 2050. Councillors from across the chamber voted for Stockport Labour’s motion to sign up to the ambitious target at October’s Full Council meeting of Thursday 26th.

The move forms part of the UK 100 campaign which plans to achieve 100% clean energy at city/local level by 2050 through the setting of targets which are ambitious, cost effective and take both the public and businesses with them.

This will now see Stockport Council ensure 100% of its energy across all functions comes from clean sources by 2050. Council energy will be sourced chiefly from wind, wave and solar sources by the middle of the century, in line therefore with even ambitious national projections on clean energy usage by that time.

Stockport joins Councils across Greater Manchester who have signed up to the pledge, including Trafford, who signed up at their last Council meeting, and Bury which is due to vote on the matter next week. If Bury follows suit, this will mean all of Greater Manchester’s Local Authorities will be signed up to the ambitious targets.

Stockport Council’s Leader, Cllr Alex Ganotis holds the Green City Lead role within the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Following the vote, he commented:

“The welcome passage of this motion means Stockport Council has adopted targets on clean energy which are amongst the most ambitious in the UK.

“It is important we set ambitious targets on Clean energy. Not only does this drive progress in terms of our own energy mix, but if enough businesses and organisations get on board, this also helps drive investment into green technology and jobs in that sector. This can make clean energy more economical and reliable at the same time as actively reducing emissions.

“I am also highly pleased to see Councils across Greater Manchester making similar pledges. The Greater Manchester region has always been unafraid to innovate and take the lead, as has Stockport within it. This sends a strong message on our ambitions as a town and a City Region on green issues.“

Polly Billington of the UK 100 clean energy campaign added:

“”The transformation of our economy to 100% clean energy will create jobs, drive economic growth, improve our health and wellbeing and keep our energy costs down too.

Shifting away from dirty fossil fuels is good for all of us. So it’s great news that Stockport Council is signing up to the ambitious goal of leading the shift to 100% clean energy across the community.

“This means the Borough not only joins the rest of Greater Manchester, but is one of over 70 cities and local authorities across the UK who are committed to transforming our economy to improve our lives and protect our communities from climate change.

“I look forward to working with Cllr Ganotis and the rest of the Council in showcasing real progress in Stockport towards our clean energy future.”