Welcome 101 police reporting improvements

Stockport’s Labour lead member for Communities and Housing has welcomed planned improvements to the police 101 helpline, after concerns were raised.

As part of her portfolio update to Stockport’s full council meeting of November 30th, Cllr Sheila Bailey welcomed an update on improvements made by Greater Manchester Police.


These include confirmation that a new web chat facility will be online from December 4th, that 30 new call handlers will be fully trained and working from Dec 17th, that a new IT system will be installed by March to help with call handling, and that a new call triage system is to be brought in to more efficiently direct calls to the right handlers. Significantly, an online system for crime reporting is also planned to be rolled out in 2018, with dates to be confirmed.


This news came in a letter response to Cllr Bailey from Clare Monaghan, Assistant Director for Police, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire. This responded to an earlier letter from Cllr Bailey on the matter, prior to a council motion titled ‘Make it easier to report Crimes to the Police’, which had unanimous support at the Meeting of October 26th.


Following her portfolio update,  Cllr Bailey commented:


“This is very good news for members of the public who have repeatedly had problems when using the 101 number.  Totally unacceptable delays have resulted in some crimes not being reported and people losing faith in a system that is supposed to help them and the Police.


Each time a call is abandoned it represents not just a person who may be left in distress, but a lost chance for the Police to gather the data they need to prevent crime.


It is my hope this package of measures will lead to significant improvements and I welcome the positive response shown by the Assistant Director and the Police”.