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Duck! More motorway pot shots!


The Christmas Period saw much mirth when Liberal cheer was delivered to our doorsteps. Seasonally, they couldn’t resist another Leaflet stab over the link road, describing our decision to allow them and other councillors a say and vote on the matter, ‘dithering’ and ‘ducking’ investment decisions.


Now this is a topic already dealt with, here.

However – this stimulating article did bring to mind the vast investments and works we have had to undertake to rectify the previous administration’s neglect (see also: dithering, ducking investment).

Over and over we have been required to spend Taxpayer money to address problems which have been allowed to build up by the Lib Dems- below are just a few:

£700,000+ of investment to bring parks and green spaces up to standard

£2.1 million to bring leisure facilities up to standard (there was no budget for maintenance of Life Leisure facilities under the Lib Dems)

£2.8million to bring Grand Central Leisure back to full use (with gymnasium facilities left unusable by the Lib Dems)

£18million to replace every one of Stockport’s 33,000 patchy and ageing street lightbulbs with modern, green, energy saving and long-lasting lightbulbs.

£25million for schools fabric investment to bring rotting classrooms back to standard ( Stockport’s largest ever in-year investment in School buildings)

£7million of investment in the Market place and Underbanks, including hiring professional market managers, acquiring key anchor tenants for the Produce hall and Blackshaws, and successfully bidding for £1.8million Heritage lottery money to renovate Underbanks properties left derelict under the Lib Dems

• Signoff on £42million pound project to upgrade Stockport’s neglected bus station into a full modern transport interchange ready for Metrolink and providing new public space

• Signoff on a £multi-million (to be determined) renovation and upgrade for the neglected Merseyway shopping centre (The report is restricted at time of writing but the agenda item [#11] is here).

• Have we mentioned that the former Tatton Cinema buildings are, after fifteen years of dereliction under the Lib Dems,  being redeveloped under Labour ?

This list goes on and on – please see our achievements list to the left of this website’s landing page, for further details.

If any of you see further opposition propaganda of this nature report it immediately to the relevant authorities. Namely Cllr Butler at cllrkatebutler@gmail.com.

-Happy New Year ! –