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Labour demands apology from Lib Dems

Yesterday, Stockport Liberal Democrats held what they call a ‘Flock Together’ campaign session in the Offerton area of  Stockport. Their spokesperson, Lisa Smart, took to her Twitter account to thank the 38 people who took part in this event and to publish the comments that had been written on their action board entitled “Why are you in?”

We publish below a copy of this board.

Clearly from the comments the Liberal Democrats are gearing themselves up for an election but there are no elections in 2013. It is understandable they are smarting after Cllr John Smith’s defection to the Tories and Cllr Laura Booth’s victory for Labour which swept away the previous Lib Dem Council Leader. However, is this justification for attacking a Council colleague who is in no state to fight back? The Lib Dems think so by making public their comment “TO GET RID OF JOHN SMITH”.

Cllr John Smith suffered an appalling accident recently and has been unwell for some time. It may be a while before he is fully recovered. Councillor Andrew Verdeille, Labour’s Leader in Stockport, condemned the Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats for their crass comment and said

“In all my experience of local government, Councillors who are incapacitated for whatever reason are not brought into the political fray by their colleagues or colleagues from other parties.

“It is an unwritten rule and I think the Lib Dems owe an apology to Cllr John Smith and also to the people of Offerton for this demonstration of very poor judgement”.