More Lib Dem cuts to vital services on the way

The Lib Dems running Stockport Council have finally revealed the next wave of cuts proposals they are making to vital services.

Cllr Andrew Verdeille, Leader of Stockport Labour Group and South Reddish councillor, said:

“What we’re seeing is the disintegration of local government in Stockport. The cuts the Lib Dems have announced fall hardest on young people, the vulnerable and dedicated Council staff.

“These proposals could see libraries close and much loved parks fall into disrepair. With so little information available about what these cuts will actually mean, residents are going to be left guessing about which of their services are on the chopping block.

“The cuts to support for young people, particularly vulnerable young people, are particularly awful. The Lib Dem leadership are asking future generations to shoulder the burden of the cuts the Lib Dem and Tory government is passing down to Stockport. £79m is being cut by the Council over six years and each person in Stockport is losing £97 thanks to the Coalition.

The Lib Dem council’s cuts proposals will see:

  • A £1m cut to the Parks Service
  • £625k cut to the Libraries Service
  • £1.3m cut from support for children
  •  Cuts to Children’s Centres which will see only 9 remain as ‘hubs’ and the remaining 11 become ‘satellite centres’ providing only a fraction of the service
  • Cutting and reducing contracts for Supporting People
  • Increasing charges for Home Care and Personal Support
  • Loss of after school clubs and holiday play schemes
  • £16k being taken from the budget for SAVY (Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth)
  • £67k increase in fees and charges
  • Stewards in district centres will be made part-time
  • Cutting over 24 full-time jobs in Services to Young People

The cuts propose a further 174 job losses on top of 145 job losses that have already been approved by Lib Dem Executive in the cuts they’ve already announced for 2013/14 & 2014/15. This is likely to increase through the cuts to the Parks Service.

The Council’s own Finance Officer has forced the Lib Dems to increase the amount of money the Council puts away in reserves due to the risk these cuts proposals have (reserves are increasing from £8.3m to £10.5m)

The cuts proposals will be presented to the Lib Dem Executive on 18 February. Click here for details.