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More Tatton Tittle Tattle

CLAIM: Lib Dems claim credit for Tatton Cinema development progress

The Liberal Democrats have used positive news Tatton Cinema is going to be developed to – you guessed it- claim credit – and to imply (once more) the Council have been slow on the issue.

“The Lib Dem team have supported the application … but it’s taken a long time to get through the system.”  Cheadle and Gatley Lib Dem website, Nov 10 2017.

….This follows accusations of ‘heel dragging’ on the issue previously dealt with here.

REALITY:  Development secured 1 ½ years into Labour Administration. Dereliction maintained for 1 ½ DECADES under the Liberal Democrats.

Again, the background to this is here, however- to summarise: The Liberal Democrats have, to their credit, an admirable amount of Chutzpah to accuse the Council of taking ‘a long time’ and of ‘heel dragging’ on this issue. The Liberal Democrats had over a decade and a half from 2001-2016 to sort this out when in power. But Nothing Happened.

…Some of the Lib Dem Councillors involved are pictured proudly in front of the Cinema they helped keep derelict for the best part of two decades upon said website. No links provided.

There is really little else to say except – if it all goes wrong for these Councillors, a career in comedy awaits.

Plenty of tags for this one from the Lib Dem playbook, beginning with ‘Lib Dem neglect’, or perhaps, more fittingly, ‘dereliction’.

One thought on “More Tatton Tittle Tattle

  1. Do the Lib Dems ever accept responsibility for their own mistakes? 15 years of reject planning applications, briefings, reports and meaningless words from Lib Dems. A wreck of what once was a beautiful building but is now only fit for demolition is a metaphor for the Lib Dems. To have a picture taken show Lib Dem Cllr’s have no remorse , no shame and do not understand the irony of it all.

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