Stockport’s plans to plant 800 trees

As part of plans to improve a range of transport junctions and roads around Stockport, Stockport’s Labour- Led Council has identified funding to enable the planting of hundreds of new trees to replace lost or decaying specimens.  The new trees will be located at sites across the Borough of Stockport including the Heatons, Reddish, Stepping Hill and areas around Stockport centre.

 The initiatives form part of plans to make Stockport a greener borough, leading to an improvement in environmental quality, cleaner air, and local biodiversity- as well as offsetting carbon emissions. 

 A three year programme has been put in place that will see hundreds of trees planted,  existing stumps removed and tree pits re-opened.  This is an ambitious programme that will make huge inroads into the backlog of work needed throughout Stockport.

 Stockport has approximately 16,000 highways trees and recent inspections have identified approximately 300 stumps, around 200 dead trees and 500 pits that require opening, where appropriate.  The programme set out above will make huge inroads into this backlog and funds will be sought to complete the remainder of the work as soon as possible.


Council Leader, Alex Ganotis was appointed Green City Region Lead within the Greater Manchester Combined Authority earlier this year.

Commenting, he said:

 “This programme is ambitious and will go a long way towards making our urban areas  greener as well as helping to improve air quality and making our streets pleasanter places to be.  Trees play a vital role in off-setting carbon emissions and in increasing our biodiversity.  For these reasons the Council is committed to retaining, replacing and increasing the number of trees along our urban highways”.