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CLAIM: Council heel dragging over Tatton Cinema

The Stockport Liberal Democrat Leader has accused the Council of dragging its heels over the Tatton Cinema in Gatley – demanding explanations as to ‘why the Tatton cinema planning application has not been approved after nearly two years’….saying…’residents deserve the right to know what’s going on.”

REALITY:  Council works to progress redevelopment after FOURTEEN YEARS of LIB DEM failure

Tatton Cinema closed in 2001. The Liberal Democrats were in control of the Council across three planning applications and two other land-swap proposals on the site from 2002-2016. All of which came to nothing.  From then to now, the Lib Dems have sought to blame the developer, then the Labour-run council for delays. Everyone but themselves.


  • The Council is now currently working closely with the substantive landowner, who is in the process of gaining control of the full site so that redevelopment can proceed- and are prepared to use a Compulsory Purchase Order if this cannot be resolved.

The latest application was submitted on 5th June 2015, when the Liberal Democrats ran the Council. Over seven months later, when the Liberal Democrats ran the Council, Cllr Roberts was blaming the developer for lack of progress, noting :

“When the application went in, we hoped it would progress normally and that the whole development would be completed by now. Instead, Dickens who own the Tatton seem to be dragging their feet, delaying everything … one possibility is that they’re trying to avoid the Council launching a Compulsory Purchase Order on the site.” said Cllr Iain Roberts.

(17th Feb 2016):

Oh dear. Another classic case of Liberal Democrats blaming everyone else for failure.

             …Libs Dems in Stockport- better in opposition.